Katrin Meinig

Katrin was born in 1985 in Dresden, Germany. From her earliest childhood, the in-depth study of music nurtures her refined artistic flair, which is guided by a northern discipline that dictates the thorough lines of her drawings and the shimmering effect of the colours she uses. Katrin has worked a lot on painting landscapes from life. Moreover, the works she has performed outdoor reproduce that imperceptible gradation of light, the result of her keen observation and a technique used by the great Flemish landscapists we can admire in museums all over the world. During her painting studies, while looking for improving further her technique, she meets Sbastien Salva in Dresden and becomes his private student. At the same time, she starts exhibiting her work in her home town as well as in the rest of Germany. Driven by a keen desire to experience other cultures, in particular the Italian culture, she finally chooses to move to Venice in order to join, in a symbolic place, the close spiritual collaboration existing between the teachers of "Painting Venice".

2006: "Art-Glas-Else" in Görlitz
2007: "Stadttheater" Kamenz
2008: Gallery "Finkbein" Dresden
          Gallery "Refugium" Dresden
2009: Castle "Westerhaus" Ingelheim
           REHA-clinic Radeburg
          Hotel "Drescher-Incoming" Dresden
          Gallery "Refugium" Medingen